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General cargo

  • Tally of cargo – count of cargo units while the loading/discharging, with daily reports and issuing the final Tally Certificate, supervision of the loading operations including daily reports, further to final tally report and photos;
  • Pre-loading / pre-shipment survey of general condition of different kind of the cargo before and/or during the loading, with assistance to the master in proper clausing the Bills of Lading / Mate’s Receipts, with preliminary and final reports and photos;
  • Pre-discharge inspection / discharge monitoring of citrus cargo, bananas, vegetables and other food cargoes, including checking of temperatures inside the vessel’s cargo compartments and inspection of operational condition of vessel’s refrigerating system, and followed by final report with photos;
  • Silver Nitrate Solution Test (Express test for sea water contamination) of steel cargo – bad weather and specific storage conditions lead to contamination of surface of cargo stored at open port storage areas;
    Holds salinity test — to determine the presence of chlorides on the holds’ inner steel surfaces prior to loading a cargo of steel products, using a solution of silver nitrate, to prevent the cargo from possible salt contamination further to damage leading to a Claim in port of discharge;
  • Paint marking of cargo;
    Hatch covers watertightness test – the inspection is performed before the loading, using chalk, water under pressure or special ultra-sound equipment;
  • Sealing / Unsealing of the vessel’s hatch covers and manholes — to prevent unauthorized access to the vessels cargo compartments we apply / break seals to / from every access to cargo compartments;
  • Block Stow Plan of the loaded cargo – in complex with tally of cargo;
    Supercargo operation including preparing of the preliminary and final cargo plans, assistance to the master during cargo operations, supervision of the loading with daily reports and photos.