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Grain and bulk cargo

  • Draft survey – determination of loaded quantity of bulk cargo;
    Monitoring of cargo loading/discharging — includes round the clock control of cargo operations, noting all delays, rejecting cargo which is not in conformity with Principals instructions or contractual specification or according to mutually agreed Standards of specification and quality, with daily and final reports and photos;
  • Sealing/Unsealing of the vessel’s hatch covers and manholes — to prevent unauthorized access to the vessels cargo compartments we apply/break seals to/from every access to cargo compartments;
    Inspection of holds’ readiness/cleanliness — visual inspection of the condition and cleanliness of holds’ inner surfaces to ascertain the suitability of cargo compartments for carrying the intended cargo, together with photos;
  • Hatch covers watertightness test – the inspection is performed before the loading, using chalk, water under pressure or special ultra-sound equipment;
  • Sampling of the cargo during loading as per GAFTA 124 rules, supervision of the cargo operations including daily reports and photos, arranging of the intermediate grain quality analysis, further to final composite sample analysis;
  • Certification of grain cargo and fertilizers cargo as a representative of “Central Marine Research & Design Institute” – Declarations of the Transportation Characteristics and Conditions for the Safe Carriage are obligatory for every bulk cargo in all Russian ports. We can arrange such Declarations at Request of Shippers or Forwarders of the cargo further sampling and testing of cargo and its characteristics and issuance the Certificate of Transportation Characteristics of Cargo at Moment of Loading under the Declaration.